Friday, 29 March 2013

Security Cameras In School

Inside the school premises

The students must feel safe and secured in side the school premise. It is the duty of the school management to provide absolute safety to its students of different ages. School is the best place to install the surveillance system and maintain absolute security of the students. Schools may face sudden challenges like violence and vandalism or unprepared attack inside the campus. These security cameras work best in such situation and helps in maintaining absolute safety and security to the students.

Merits of installing security camera inside the school premise

Quick installation: the present surveillance system is easy to install and simple to use. These are mostly wireless and connected through a single network cable. Some varieties like IP cameras. It is the upgraded version of CCTV system. Through the IP cameras you can directly store the footage in the hard disk of the computer and refer to it incase of emergencies.

Security: security cameras help in monitoring the campus area properly. Thus students will face difficulty in behaving badly. This will help in checking misbehavior inside the campus. Place it properly so that it can record violence and thefts in the campus if any.

Monitor all visitors of the school: the IP camera will help in monitoring the visitor’s movement in the campus and the corridor area. Cameras at the entrance and the exit will only click images of people at the entrance but will fail to record their activities inside the campus. Hence an IP camera set is very essential.

Privacy: students will feel safe and secured if you look after the privacy and safety of the students. Place cameras in the public areas like campus, cafeterias, office, outdoor, back area, playground and etc.

Violence and vandalism: to control and punish vandals, such surveillance system in schools has proved very useful. The instrument will help in recording the event and then the staff and security officers will control the situation. Many will not try such unfair means if the camera is found placed inside the campus. Thus, it will remain a safe and secured place for the students to study in peace.

Points to consider before installing the surveillance system, in the school premise

Things to Consider before Installing school video surveillance

  • Identify your vital threats
  • Types of security needed in the premises
  • Is it located in some district that has laid rules you must follow.
  • Do you plan to shoot any particular incident in the camera and view the footage later on?
Effective positions for security cameras

The surveillance IP camera can be placed at the entrance and exit of the school, the administrative office area and public areas to monitor the visitor’s movement.

You must mount the cameras both outdoor and indoor ones properly so that it can perfectly takes pictures and record dishonest activity or approaches in the school and keep it safe and secured place for its students.