Friday, 12 April 2013

Surveillance For Public Transports

In the public transport security cameras are a very essential item to be installed in various places. It helps in maintaining safety and security of the travelers. You can install such IP cameras in various places like public buses, subways or tunnels to protect innocent travelers from various problems, such as terrorist attacks and so on. The cameras not only maintain safety but also help in recording every incident clearly so that if at any point of time there is an unexpected trouble the security officers can check the camera recordings and find out about the terrorist attack from the video footage. 
Advantages of public transport cameras 
• Public faces constant attacks while traveling long distances like inter city or state. There are threats and other security issues which they have to bear while traveling long distance. To maintain safety and security of the travelers, the video surveillance system is highly essential. The video camera recordings prevent vandalism and attacks on the buses and public transport. 
• Security cameras are often used for identifying criminals 
• Many terrorist targets such public buses which plies inter state for their activities like placing bombs and etc. a video surveillance is helpful in managing such grave situation. 
• These IP cameras are easy to use and can be fixed quickly. It can be placed at different location, entrance, and exit and fixed on the ceiling to identify the faces of the criminals. 
• In hijacking cases often the terrorist boards the public transport as a regular traveler. Video cameras record every movement of the passenger and help the police and security officers to take necessary steps in solving the hijacking problem. 
Risks of using such camera in public transport 
• The security and safety of a passenger is important. But you have to position the cameras wisely so that they do not hamper the privacy of the passenger. You fix it in the public areas and stations. Also read the rules and regulations of using surveillance in public.
 Selecting the right camera model for the public transport 
Select the surveillance system as per the size and number of people using the transport. To select the camera identify your requirements and security in detail.
 • Identify your specific locations as per security requirement of a public area 
• In which area you will place cameras for identifying theft or terrorists 
• If you are plying at late hours then identify the type of surveillance needed. 
• Stations are other areas, tunnel etc 
• Place cameras at the entrance and exit of the area

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Thursday, 11 April 2013

Retail Security Cameras

Retail stores are one of the most attractive places for theft and shop lifting. Often this industry loses thousand of dollars in theft or shoplifting. In order to stop such things from happening and identifying who are involved in shoplifting you can install IP video surveillance cameras in the outlets. These cameras are a perfect solution to such perennial problem. They offer the much needed security to the particular retail store. Hence by controlling theft and shoplifting you minimize on loss and enhance profit margin of the business.
 Now while installing an IP security camera in the store, you must know the basics of the camera. Invest in an outdoor or indoor camera as per the store size and depth. Identify the easily accessible areas of the store and then plan on the camera placement.
 Few common retail problems that disturb the shop owner 
 • The store owner faces major problems like shop lifting
• The store is also plagued by employee theft. Some picks cash while some steals products from the store
• Sometimes an employee encourages product purchase on discounts
 • Flash rob theft is a new kind of violent robbery that has recently started in urban stores
 • Planned robbers who break into the store at night and steal anything and everything available.

 Retail owners always face trouble with such kind of crimes. But now with the new IP camera system they can easily identify the thief and punish them. Hence, the shoplifters or internal staff will work honestly. This camera system has helped in reducing such thefts in retail stores. In case of major burglary, such cameras will help the police in identifying the face of the person as it takes clear picture of the accused.
 Areas you should select for installing security camera
 Though the retail stores vary in shape and size, yet their basic layout remains same. All retail outlets have few common sections like
 • Entry and exit
• Billing Station
• Sales and Products display floor
 To monitor the movement of your customers and employee to check on the shop lifting you may place security camera at the below mentioned positions.
 Entry and exit area:
place a prominent camera at the doorway so that you can constantly monitor the movement of the people. Place a finest quality camera at the entrance so that it can record the faces of the visitors properly.
Billing and cash counter:
 this is the most attractive and rich area of the entire store. People at the cash department often try to manipulate the accounts and steal hard cash. To check this dishonesty the best way is to fix a camera right on top of the cash counter so that every movement is recorded. This will help in identifying the dishonest employee immediately.
Product display racks:
 in big retail stores it is always advisable to fix a camera in the sales floor area. This will monitor the entire product display area and help you in identifying shoplifters. Depending on the size and shape of the area or number of floors of product display, select IP cameras for absolute security of the store.
 or store area is a place where products are unloaded. The items are them tagged and entered into the system before displaying for sale. Install an IP camera in this area so that the dishonest employees do not manipulate the quantity of products purchased for business.
Car Parking area: 
this area is available in only in big retail stores situated in urban area. Vehicle break in is not new in parking area. Hence, a camera is required to monitor the entire area and identify such dishonest lot.
 Tips of selecting a security camera for the retail store 
Today in the market you will find different high definition cameras especially available for day and night recordings. You may even choose from a variety of styles and features. Do keep in mind that whatever you choose, it must fulfill your desire of maintaining absolute security of the particular store.
Body style: 
you may install a dome camera for appropriate security of the store. These are sleek, light and compact. It has all essential features for recording an incident.
High definition camera:
select the one that is equipped to display 720P pr 1080 P resolution images. This will give you clear pictures and help in identifying the dishonest people.
Day and Night lenses: 
such cameras can even take proper images in darkness or at night. It is a special feature of the IP camera which makes it very essential for monitoring the area at night when the store is locked.
Indoor/Outdoor instruments:
 this is essential if you have a stall outside the store. The camera will record the customer’s movement properly. Stray thieve will also fall prey to such identifiable instrument and can be caught anytime.
 Merits of installing an IP camera at the retail outlet
 These cameras are very useful and can help is stopping theft in the store. You will easily identify the shoplifter or dishonest employee and save your store from suffering loses.
• You can enjoy various insurance policies at discounts. They offer special discounted policies to those stores that have security cameras installed inside its areas.
 • Helps in maintaining safety and security of the retail store
• Control shoplifting and kleptomanianism in the store
• Some cameras are equipped in analyzing the customers and crowd management
• Use cameras that can record videos and help in identifying the dishonest lot
• You can check out videos at any point of time Thus, invest in quality product so that to control the shoplifting in the store. You can easily cut down on losses and gain profits by selling the products to actual customers. Invest in IP cameras today and lead a safe life. So, purchase cameras from renowned dealers and do business safely.

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All about selecting and installing a home surveillance system

Safety and security is very essential for your residence. But to know about the surveillance system you have go through this particular site. An IP camera helps in identifying the thieves and burglars easily and keeps your home safe and secured from problems. In order to buy and install a camera you must learn few essential issues about the security system.
 Things you must consider before investing in a security system 
 In the market you will find a variety of cameras and their accessories. The most difficult part of the installation is about selecting the camera for your home. Which camera will suit your requirement. So first, identify what you need and then select a camera of your choice.
• Do you need a night camera which will record the movement at night
• Number of cameras you want to install for security reasons • Do you wish to install visible or hidden cameras
 • Visible cameras can be made inactive by using certain sprays or etc by the burglar. So decide what you want before actually investing in the security system.
 • Look of the camera is equally important to suit the appearance of your home.
 • Plan out whether you wish to install outdoor as well as indoor cameras. An outdoor camera will record those who are loitering at the street and approaching your residence for various reasons.
 • Day and night camera helps in recording at both time of the day. Thus you may sleep comfortably at night.
 In which area you should install the camera?
 Forget the traditional heavy and wired cameras, instead shift to new age surveillance camera and install it any place you prefer. You can even connect it to a printer or digital camera to get quick videos and images of people. It is simple and sleek to use. It has only one network set up and is just perfect to monitor your home and keep it safe.
 • Install it at the entrance and exit points of your home. You must install it at the ceiling of the door so that it can easily monitor who are all entering and leaving the house.
• Place a camera in the mostly used room of your house. Place it at the side of the ceiling so that it can easily capture images of every activity inside the room.
• Place one inside the garage
• You may also place surveillance below the roof
 • Outdoor buildings like place one at the outhouse and on the garage drive way for better safety.
 How to choose a home surveillance security mechanism
 When you have planned on purchasing a surveillance system for your home, to check the essential features     of the camera so that it lives up to your expectation and keeps your home safe and secured. Here, you will   find finest quality IP cameras that click high quality images and helps in identifying the faces easily. Do check  the following features while selecting a security system for your home;
 • It should be monitored with remote control. The cameras should be controlled via internet and video recording can be easily checked at any hour of the day.
 • It must be flexible and must allow you to add a new camera in the network whenever required.
 • High resolution images must be clicked so that the pictures help in identifying the faces properly.
 Reasons for investing in home based security system
 • The surveillance system will help in keeping your home safe and secured from theft and burglary.
 • Helps in checking burglary
• You can easily stop vandalism or antisocial elements by installing security cameras.
 • It also helps in checking outdoor theft and spread awareness in neighborhood.
• It helps in improving the safety and security of your home.
 • Helps in 24 x 7 monitoring of your residence
• You can live in peace after installing the surveillance system
• Enhanced security system Thus, install the IP cameras today and live in absolute comfort.

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Protect your office premises with video camera

You may not face regular threats of vandalism, terrorist attack or theft in the office or business area, but still an IP camera is essential at the work building. The office cameras take care of certain issues which are very different from regular reasons for fixing IP cameras for recording videos of various situations.
 Merits of fixing video camera in the offices and business houses 
• A camera fixed at the lobby or inside the sitting area helps in keeping the belonging of your employee safely. Nothing can get stolen if the camera is recording every movement of visitors or staff member inside the cabin. Thus, it maintains the safety of the staff.
 • The new age IP cameras are easy to fix and simple to monitor. You can connect it to the remote computer and record every footage.
 • Prevents theft during the lunch hour when the employee is at the cafeteria.
• Also helps the authorities to monitor the sincerity and dedication of his staff. He can monitor his staffs involvement and productivity during the office hours.
 Some risks of fixing such cameras in the offices are 
 The camera should not harm the privacy of the employee. It should be only fixed in the public areas and not at the private ones.
 Factors deciding the type of video camera for your office
 • You must consider the reasons for installing it in the office and then fix it at the entrance, exit, store and lobby areas
• Analyze the kind of security needed in the firm
 • Select the surveillance system based on the nature of your business and office atmosphere.
• Identify the ways of monitoring staff activity through the camera.

 After analyzing various factors, select the best quality IP camera that will record the movement of people inside the office and help you monitor the area in a best possible manner.
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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Use of Video Cameras for Industrial Project

Video Cameras for Industrial Project
Security is very important in the industrial belt. Areas like warehouse, product dispatch points, factories and stores must be guarded with video cameras to check the loss of products. Products are manufactured by a firm but in most cases dishonest staff and other people steals raw material, manufactured goods and different items in the process of dispatching. They manipulate the quality record and often sell them at cheap price to earn profit. Thus, to check such misuse and improve the profits of the firm, do install video surveillance camera and click videos to monitor the misuse of your hard earned money. The cameras are not expensive, but are amazing in performance. You can fix the, at any place and record the movement of your staff and their dealing with the products. Place the cameras in warehouse, store and at the entrance area so that you can monitor the videos at any point of time and identify their dishonesty.
 • The cameras will help in identifying the dishonest staff and reduce theft in the company. As it can easily record and identify the faces of people, your staff will think twice before picking an item from the dispatch box.
• It also looks after employee safety.
 • Building security is very essential in the present day operation.

 The present camera technology has simplified the use of the instrument. Today, you can easily invest in IP cameras and fix it at different locations. Unlike the CCTV cameras these items are hassle free and are connected with only one wire that is linked with a remote computer with internet connectivity. The security officer can comfortably sit inside the room and monitor the footage on the computer and take immediate action to any mischievous behavior taking place within the area. The entire system is run smoothly without even informing others. It is safe and simple.
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Friday, 5 April 2013

Use of Video Surveillance in Health Care Industry

IP camera with video recording facilities for medical institution 
 Healthcare institution is an integral part of a cultured society. A society cannot survive without an adequate health care institution. The medical center is highly essential for offering treatment and quality life to those residing in the society. Besides regular treatment and medication it offers a variety of facilities. It offers an overall healing atmosphere to a diseased and aged member of the society. Thus, in order to protect such an institution of the society a video surveillance is very essential. You can install an IP camera to look after the safety and security of the staff, patient and medical professionals attached to the particular institution. 
 Thus, if the team feels secured, then they can attend to any crisis at any hour of the day. They will feel safe from within and will comfortably look after the treatment procedure. 
 Merits of installing security cameras in the healthcare institution 
 Guards ailing patients: just like the medical records comfortably maintains medical history of a patient, the surveillance cameras also monitors the movement of patient and other people in the hospital area. It checks each and every visitor who is loitering in the lobby or corridor of the clinic. Through the camera footage the security head of the clinic can easily identify an individual who is loitering in the area without any reason or trying shoplifting. Thus, it helps in keeping the patients safe inside the hospital. Looks after supplies: equipments are a very important part of treatment. If the practitioners do not get the right instrument for diagnosis, he will never be able to treat his patient. Thus, the cameras will help in checking the quality of the product. Often such costly instruments are swapped with cheap versions. Now, if the camera is installed in the prominent areas, staff or other dishonest people will not be able to conduct such activities. Easy monitoring: the forage of this IP camera can be easily monitored by the security head at any time of the day. The footage is recorded on a computer throughout the day and is stored for analyses in case there is a doubt about someone’s movement. 
 Risks of installing camera in the Healthcare institution 
 Cameras can be only fitted at the public areas and not inside the patient’s cabin or private areas. The discussion or treatment procedure that is carried between a patient and his doctor is private and cannot be recorded. Thus, maintain privacy of the patient and then take care of their safety and security. Thus you can place the camera at the entrance and exit of the clinic. This camera will help in recording the images of all those who are entering the institution. You can also place cameras at corridors and store room from where the equipments are supplied to the doctors for treatment. These necessary steps will help in checking dishonest activities within the hospital premises.

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Use of Video Surveillance in Government Sector

Video cameras for government institution 
An IP camera in the Government office can boost the security system of the particular area. A Government building is divided in countless departments. Thus, the building security is of utmost priority. The facilities and various operations must be conducted safely. Safety and security is very essential for maintaining a proper work culture in the offices and buildings. The records and other details are to be kept safely. 
National and Federal Government uses of IP camera 
The adequate security cameras help in monitoring activities of employee and maintain office records safely. The security of the staff is also essential in various Government events, meetings, parades and etc. historically in 1960 the first CCTV camera was installed in UK government offices. These surveillance helps in monitoring public movement and keep the office building safe from terrorist attack or vandalism of any kind. 
Local and State based Government offices 
The surveillance is both beneficial for local as well as National based government offices. Some cities also use these cameras in public areas like at the various bus stops or high ways for better security. At the state level such IP cameras can be placed at the traffic signals, metro stations, malls, heavy traffic zone and etc. The camera at such areas helps in monitoring the movement of people at different areas. It helps in maintaining safety and security of the public of the state and keeps them safe from terrorist attack and vandalism. Thus, install surveillance system in the State and boost the security system. Cameras can be also fixed at various municipal offices without hampering the privacy of an individual. In the market temporary cameras are also available for quick need. If you need few cameras for pubic meetings, rallies or sports event or etc these cameras will help in such emergency situation.
Security camera for jail 
In order to guard the prison staff and keep the accused safe, these cameras are very useful. Fix it at different areas so that it can record videos of various activities of prisoners. In case of their dishonest plans or mischievous activities these cameras will help in maintaining records which can be monitored from remote end and can be checked easily. Thus, no one can escape from the prison and the staffs also may lead a secured life while doing their duty inside the area.
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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Security camera set up for the entertainment industry

Security camera set up for the entertainment industry

Surveillance security is a very essential aspect of the entertainment industry. People in this industry need absolute safety and security since they have to work till the wee hours of the night for various shows or shooting. Places like events, sports events, premiere shows, summit, performance, parties and cultural meets also demands high end security system for absolute safety of the audience and guests. The event managers should not forget to take care of the safety and security of the performers and celebrity guests of the evening.

Advantages of installing an IP camera for entertainment meet

In the film premiere shows or parties, fashion shows where countless key people meet, should have appropriate security system for the safety of the guest. Often it is not possible for the security people to follow and monitor the movement of so many guests. Hence, the surveillance system comes as a rescue. You can perfectly install an IP camera to record the movement of every individual so that of anyone enters with dishonest intention, can be easily identified and necessary steps may be takes against him. Thus, fix the IP cameras and monitor the areas, such as
Crowd Management: too many people may often get rowdy after food, music and drink. Sometimes on petty issues an argument begins but ends with violence and inappropriate behavior. To control such large crowds, the surveillance system proves effective. It helps in taking picture of specific areas and every individual in various act.
Monitor the entrance and exit area: in a big event like fashion show or product launches many gate crashers try to enter the event without invitation. To control such crowd these cameras work amazingly.
Prevent Theft: often people leave their costly belongings or bags, jackets at the table or on the chair which are lifted by some guests or staff members. To check such theft these cameras are perfect.
Easy fitting: the IP cameras are easy to fix at anyplace at any time. No special technical assistance or knowledge is needed for the act. You can directly connect to an internet connected computer and watch videos during the event. You can also monitor the area during the event arrangement and wrap up. These two are the most vital areas when most key people fell tired and dishonesty takes charge. Thus, such curveillance system will help in monitoring the area at any time.
Remote access:  the footage is recorded at a different computer in the remote end of the hotel security room which is monitored by the department head. Thus, if and when he feels something is wrong can immediately calls for a check.

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