Thursday, 11 April 2013

Protect your office premises with video camera

You may not face regular threats of vandalism, terrorist attack or theft in the office or business area, but still an IP camera is essential at the work building. The office cameras take care of certain issues which are very different from regular reasons for fixing IP cameras for recording videos of various situations.
 Merits of fixing video camera in the offices and business houses 
• A camera fixed at the lobby or inside the sitting area helps in keeping the belonging of your employee safely. Nothing can get stolen if the camera is recording every movement of visitors or staff member inside the cabin. Thus, it maintains the safety of the staff.
 • The new age IP cameras are easy to fix and simple to monitor. You can connect it to the remote computer and record every footage.
 • Prevents theft during the lunch hour when the employee is at the cafeteria.
• Also helps the authorities to monitor the sincerity and dedication of his staff. He can monitor his staffs involvement and productivity during the office hours.
 Some risks of fixing such cameras in the offices are 
 The camera should not harm the privacy of the employee. It should be only fixed in the public areas and not at the private ones.
 Factors deciding the type of video camera for your office
 • You must consider the reasons for installing it in the office and then fix it at the entrance, exit, store and lobby areas
• Analyze the kind of security needed in the firm
 • Select the surveillance system based on the nature of your business and office atmosphere.
• Identify the ways of monitoring staff activity through the camera.

 After analyzing various factors, select the best quality IP camera that will record the movement of people inside the office and help you monitor the area in a best possible manner.
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