Friday, 12 April 2013

Surveillance For Public Transports

In the public transport security cameras are a very essential item to be installed in various places. It helps in maintaining safety and security of the travelers. You can install such IP cameras in various places like public buses, subways or tunnels to protect innocent travelers from various problems, such as terrorist attacks and so on. The cameras not only maintain safety but also help in recording every incident clearly so that if at any point of time there is an unexpected trouble the security officers can check the camera recordings and find out about the terrorist attack from the video footage. 
Advantages of public transport cameras 
• Public faces constant attacks while traveling long distances like inter city or state. There are threats and other security issues which they have to bear while traveling long distance. To maintain safety and security of the travelers, the video surveillance system is highly essential. The video camera recordings prevent vandalism and attacks on the buses and public transport. 
• Security cameras are often used for identifying criminals 
• Many terrorist targets such public buses which plies inter state for their activities like placing bombs and etc. a video surveillance is helpful in managing such grave situation. 
• These IP cameras are easy to use and can be fixed quickly. It can be placed at different location, entrance, and exit and fixed on the ceiling to identify the faces of the criminals. 
• In hijacking cases often the terrorist boards the public transport as a regular traveler. Video cameras record every movement of the passenger and help the police and security officers to take necessary steps in solving the hijacking problem. 
Risks of using such camera in public transport 
• The security and safety of a passenger is important. But you have to position the cameras wisely so that they do not hamper the privacy of the passenger. You fix it in the public areas and stations. Also read the rules and regulations of using surveillance in public.
 Selecting the right camera model for the public transport 
Select the surveillance system as per the size and number of people using the transport. To select the camera identify your requirements and security in detail.
 • Identify your specific locations as per security requirement of a public area 
• In which area you will place cameras for identifying theft or terrorists 
• If you are plying at late hours then identify the type of surveillance needed. 
• Stations are other areas, tunnel etc 
• Place cameras at the entrance and exit of the area

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