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Retail Security Cameras

Retail stores are one of the most attractive places for theft and shop lifting. Often this industry loses thousand of dollars in theft or shoplifting. In order to stop such things from happening and identifying who are involved in shoplifting you can install IP video surveillance cameras in the outlets. These cameras are a perfect solution to such perennial problem. They offer the much needed security to the particular retail store. Hence by controlling theft and shoplifting you minimize on loss and enhance profit margin of the business.
 Now while installing an IP security camera in the store, you must know the basics of the camera. Invest in an outdoor or indoor camera as per the store size and depth. Identify the easily accessible areas of the store and then plan on the camera placement.
 Few common retail problems that disturb the shop owner 
 • The store owner faces major problems like shop lifting
• The store is also plagued by employee theft. Some picks cash while some steals products from the store
• Sometimes an employee encourages product purchase on discounts
 • Flash rob theft is a new kind of violent robbery that has recently started in urban stores
 • Planned robbers who break into the store at night and steal anything and everything available.

 Retail owners always face trouble with such kind of crimes. But now with the new IP camera system they can easily identify the thief and punish them. Hence, the shoplifters or internal staff will work honestly. This camera system has helped in reducing such thefts in retail stores. In case of major burglary, such cameras will help the police in identifying the face of the person as it takes clear picture of the accused.
 Areas you should select for installing security camera
 Though the retail stores vary in shape and size, yet their basic layout remains same. All retail outlets have few common sections like
 • Entry and exit
• Billing Station
• Sales and Products display floor
 To monitor the movement of your customers and employee to check on the shop lifting you may place security camera at the below mentioned positions.
 Entry and exit area:
place a prominent camera at the doorway so that you can constantly monitor the movement of the people. Place a finest quality camera at the entrance so that it can record the faces of the visitors properly.
Billing and cash counter:
 this is the most attractive and rich area of the entire store. People at the cash department often try to manipulate the accounts and steal hard cash. To check this dishonesty the best way is to fix a camera right on top of the cash counter so that every movement is recorded. This will help in identifying the dishonest employee immediately.
Product display racks:
 in big retail stores it is always advisable to fix a camera in the sales floor area. This will monitor the entire product display area and help you in identifying shoplifters. Depending on the size and shape of the area or number of floors of product display, select IP cameras for absolute security of the store.
 or store area is a place where products are unloaded. The items are them tagged and entered into the system before displaying for sale. Install an IP camera in this area so that the dishonest employees do not manipulate the quantity of products purchased for business.
Car Parking area: 
this area is available in only in big retail stores situated in urban area. Vehicle break in is not new in parking area. Hence, a camera is required to monitor the entire area and identify such dishonest lot.
 Tips of selecting a security camera for the retail store 
Today in the market you will find different high definition cameras especially available for day and night recordings. You may even choose from a variety of styles and features. Do keep in mind that whatever you choose, it must fulfill your desire of maintaining absolute security of the particular store.
Body style: 
you may install a dome camera for appropriate security of the store. These are sleek, light and compact. It has all essential features for recording an incident.
High definition camera:
select the one that is equipped to display 720P pr 1080 P resolution images. This will give you clear pictures and help in identifying the dishonest people.
Day and Night lenses: 
such cameras can even take proper images in darkness or at night. It is a special feature of the IP camera which makes it very essential for monitoring the area at night when the store is locked.
Indoor/Outdoor instruments:
 this is essential if you have a stall outside the store. The camera will record the customer’s movement properly. Stray thieve will also fall prey to such identifiable instrument and can be caught anytime.
 Merits of installing an IP camera at the retail outlet
 These cameras are very useful and can help is stopping theft in the store. You will easily identify the shoplifter or dishonest employee and save your store from suffering loses.
• You can enjoy various insurance policies at discounts. They offer special discounted policies to those stores that have security cameras installed inside its areas.
 • Helps in maintaining safety and security of the retail store
• Control shoplifting and kleptomanianism in the store
• Some cameras are equipped in analyzing the customers and crowd management
• Use cameras that can record videos and help in identifying the dishonest lot
• You can check out videos at any point of time Thus, invest in quality product so that to control the shoplifting in the store. You can easily cut down on losses and gain profits by selling the products to actual customers. Invest in IP cameras today and lead a safe life. So, purchase cameras from renowned dealers and do business safely.

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